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we're so glad you're here!

We'd first like to take this opportunity to give you the warmest, friendliest welcome because we are so happy you're here. Seriously. It means the world to us that you've taken the time to come to our website and look around. And the best part is, this is just the start. We've got lots of plans and big dreams for how this brand might evolve, so we hope you stick around to experience it with us!

We're designers, sisters and best friends. We love paper, parties and personality tests (you can read our full bios here). We're also pretty partial to fresh cut flowers. Our signature wedding stationery features styled florals that are all hand-placed into beautiful arrangements and then photographed to create unique invitation suites for unique brides.

We are over-the-moon excited to be able to use this platform to share how we do what we do with behind-the-scenes posts, our best wedding planning tips and tricks from our experience in the industry and best of all, lots of f-r-e-e downloads to help make your life a little more beautiful.

Some of our most enjoyable moments have been spent on the floor in a mess of flowers. About 90% of our time designing a floral invitation suite is spent arranging the flowers until they are perfectly in place. Then we snap a couple photos and make some minor adjustments on the computer before they're ready to go.

The Juliet crest (pictured above) has been our favorite arrangement to create so far. We can't stop drooling over this real-life twist on such classic, timeless family crest illustrations. Do you have a favorite design? See them all here.

sara + kate
we're just a couple of goofy gemini sisters who love paper, parties and personality tests.
here you can read our story about design and photography, our best wedding planning tips and the occasional family-favorite recipe along with lots of free stuff to make your life a little more beautiful!
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