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let’s talk about money

Hey! Did you know that your personal worth ISN’T dependent on how much money you have, or how much money it looks like you have?

That’s right. We said it.

So why is money so hard to talk about? So often people skirt around it in conversation, but maybe that’s why there are so few people who are actually good at handling money.

We’d like to change that.

We’ve been talking a lot lately about how we want to build a brand that speaks about something more than just pretty wedding invitations. When we launched Forget Not Paper, we wanted our mission to be rooted in creating memorable pieces for brides that would eventually become beloved family heirlooms. While that idea still rings true, we feel we’ve discovered another, broader layer of our story and our mission. We want to help you learn how to say yes to things that truly add value to your life and no to everything else.

So we want to have an open dialog with you about money because we think it’s pretty important for a stress-free wedding, a healthy marriage and a generally satisfied life. We hope to offer some perspective as two people who live debt free on average household incomes without compromising quality experiences, quality things and a quality life. It is possible, and it will change your life.

So we hope you’ll tag along with us as we share pieces of our journey (that we’re still on!), and hopefully we can inspire you, encourage you, and support you on yours.

sara + kate
we're just a couple of goofy gemini sisters who love paper, parties and personality tests.
here you can read our story about design and photography, our best wedding planning tips and the occasional family-favorite recipe along with lots of free stuff to make your life a little more beautiful!
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